Choose shapes and colors for silk lanterns

    Vietnamese silk lanterns

    ✅ Hoi An Lantern was made from 100% Jacquard silk fabric stretched over a bamboo frame with a tassel below. These lanterns are inspired by Vietnamese artisans and is meant to bring good fortune. These Vietnamese silk lanterns are handmade using Jacquard silk and brocaded fabric. The beautiful Vietnamese silk lanterns are a wonderful way to decorate home, restaurant or hotel, wedding decoration …When ship them, These lanterns can be fold as a narrow tube , then expands like an umbrella in less than a minute.

    We have 6 shapes that you can choose. About colors, you can choose fabric for indoor or fabric for outdoor decoration. If you hanging lanterns out door for a long time, you need use fabric for outdoor. They can keep colors, waterproof..

    We supply silk lanterns with many size, from 10cm, 20cm, 30 cm, 35cm, 40cm, 45cm, 50cm, 60cm, 70cm, .... up to 150cm. Size is length of lantern when they’re folded. Please see quotation for each size at second page.

    Size = lenght of lanterns when they are folded

    ✅You can see photos of some sizes

    If you want to buy large quantity, customized orders, Please contact me for combined shipping cost.

    Please send us your request about SHAPES and COLORS.
    SHAPE A : Color 2b, Color 3b, ...
    SHAPE B : Color 2b, Color 5b, ...

     ✅ Pattern fabric 

    ✅ Plain fabric (better for outdoor hanging): used for hand-painted lanterns

     3D Flower fabric (better for outdoor)

    ✅Hand-paited lanterns : The lanterns are hand painted by the artist. You choose any templates in this table, or your sample.